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[Fic] Stolen Moments

Title: Stolen Moments
Genre: Angst
Characters: Leadiev/Sirius
Word Count: 729
Rating: PG

"My lord?" he heard Sirius say hesitantly as he opened the door to his suite.

Leadiev smiled in what he hoped conveyed welcoming emotions, a smile of what he hoped Sirius would realize was a small part of himself he shared only with the other.

“Come, now, i’ve told you that when it’s just you and me,” he said motioning the other inside, “you should refrain from calling me that.”

For a moment, he saw Sirius look around the hallway to check if there were any prying eyes before his face filled with warmth and emotion (it was usually devoid of emotion to anyone not paying attention, but Leadiev fancies himself fluent with the minute details of Sirius’s mask).

“Before we’re grey, Sirius.” He patted the place next to him as further motivation.

In a split second, he heard the shuffling of usually silent footsteps (it was one of those clear signs that Sirius was slowly shedding his mask and is growing more comfortable with Leadiev; Leadiev also prides himself with the knowledge that it was only him who Sirius shares his true self with) before a warm presence arrived by his side.

He gently stroked the side of Sirius’s face with his palm and brought his lips to the other’s forehead.

“Leadiev,” said Sirius, bringing his hand to Leadiev’s, “I’ve missed you.”

“And I, you.” He brought their foreheads together; blue eyes met blue (but Leadiev will insist that the particular shade of Sirius’s blue eyes were more like the shade of the night sky before the dawn, the shade that brought hope of a new tomorrow).

After a few moments (or possibly, an eternity), Sirius let out a sigh of relief and broke eye contact.

“It was hard being away from you, my Lord.” He said in barely a whisper (Leadiev knew this was Sirius shying away from intimacy. Honesty, for the other, was still hard to come by and it was even harder to display himself bare with Leadiev. He had only a few more moments to stop the wall from going back up).

“It was harder not knowing about your well being, my love,” said Leadiev, “and how many times have I told you off for calling me that?” He continued before pinching the other’s cheek.

Sirius retaliated by pushing him hard on the chest that he fell on the floor but not before dragging the other with him.

They stared at each other once more before laughing.

“I thought we were having a moment,” he complained, feigning hurt and disappointment as Sirius’s bony elbow landed on his ribs in an attempt to sit back up. He can tell immediately that Sirius was not buying it.

“Well, you destroyed it when you pinched me, my Lord,” said Sirius with a roll of his eyes. He held his hand out, presumably, to help Leadiev up but Leadiev only grasped it and rested his head on the other’s lap.

It was these stolen moments that Leadiev appreciated the most. Moments where there would be no pressure of conversation, just the mere fact that they are together was enough for both of them, with Sirius absently stroking Leadiev’s hair and Leadiev rubbing soothing circles along Sirius’s other hand with his thumb and giving it tiny butterfly kisses).

It was in these intimate moments that neither were pressured by any external factors. Here, they were not a Lord and his warrior, they were not filled with obligations and duty. Here, they were just. Leadiev and Sirius, nothing more—free to be whoever they truly were inside their own bubble of existence, this mere stolen moment.

"Do you-" Sirius said but stopped as soon as he started. The hand stroking Leadiev's hair dropped to their side.

"What's wrong?"

"It's nothing," he replied. Leadiev felt Sirius attempt to withdraw the hand he was holding and laced their fingers together. He chose to remain silent, knowing that this was enough encouragement for Sirius to keep talking.

"Do you ever wonder what our lives would be like if circumstances were different?" He said at last.

"Everytime," Leadiev answered, "I often wonder what it would be like if you were prettier."

"and I wonder if you were a little bit nicer," Sirius pulled his ear. After an eternity, he sighed and sounded morose, "I meant if we didn't have the positions we have now."

As usual, I need to work on my imagery and dialogue practice. I actually wrote this before that other Hiro fic, so please bear with me if it's still a little bit rusty. There's so much style inconsistency here and i've probably overused the word "moments" and "hoped" thus the title just to spite myself, HAHA!
Tags: !fic: fanservice, chara: leadiev proulx, chara: sirius biznez, pair: leadiev/sirius, universe: feudalism
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