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[FIC] 5 Times Hiro Cared for Someone and 1 Time Someone Cared for Him 2/6

Title: Five Times Hiro Cared for Someone and One Time Someone Cared for Him
Genre: Gen!fic (slight Hiro/Teddy or Baking Bears)
Characters: (for part 2) Hiro, Terry, and Teddy
Word Count: 721
Rating: G

"Don't you have anything better to do than hang around out here like a creepy old man?"

Hiro could've sworn he felt part of his soul leave when he heard that voice. That being the voice of the twin sister of the subject he was currently stalki—observing. Hiro closed his eyes (if you can't see it, it can't see you).

"So? Aren't there any bullet ants in that bush?" The voice said.

As if on cue, he felt a sharp sting on his pinky.

He yelled—No, he can't yell... If he does, his cover will be blown and his observation time would be cut short and—the ant bit him again and he couldn't stop himself from yelping and standing up. He was met by the unimpressed face of Terry Mercado.

"Hello, Hiro," she said, tapping her foot and giving him a judging look.

Hiro felt sheepish, "h-hey," he started, "did you know that the plant life and ecosystem around your café h-has so much biodiversi—"

"Uh-huh," said Terry, still looking unimpressed.

"Yeah, there's an interesting ant there somewh—"

"I know that those ants weren't what you were observing," Terry now had a scary glint in her eye.

"I HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT!!" He blurted rather loudly (Travis always told him to plead the fifth when he gets caught red handed).

"Hay nako," Terry fixed her bangs, "if you want to watch my cute little brother, you can always just come in."

This time, Hiro really was struck silent.

"I'm sure you can afford a cake or ten." Her smile was downright scary now (Hiro often wondered how such a cute teddy bear could be related to someone like... her).

Before he could say anything, Terry was already pushing him inside the café.

"H-hey!!!" He protested.

"Shhhh," Terry hushed him before yelling, "Hoy, Teddy~! We have a customer that needs to be seated!"

Out comes the most beautiful adorable angel in the world. Teddy Mercado, possibly the world's cutest living thing in the world. Rumor has it that a simple smile from Teddy can bring world peace. The sparkle in his chestnut eyes was always hit with the perfect amount of sunlight, the luster of his hair was like the sky just a few minutes before the storm ends (he makes Hiro feel very poetic indeed.)

And then he disappeared.

"Teddy!!" Terry yelled.

("I'll save you." Hiro would say with the deepest and manliest voice he could muster.

"Hiro-kun," Teddy would say, "you're my hero."

Teddy would wrap his arms around Hiro's neck and Hiro would carry him bridal style towards one of the lounge chairs.

They would spend an eternity locked in each other's ga—)

"The floor is flat and dry, and you're not even the one wearing heels!" scolded Terry.

A small sob came from the lump on the floor, "I c-can't stand."

It broke Hiro's heart, really. Without a second thought, he cut in the middle of the twins and lifted Teddy from the floor.

"I'll save you," he tried to say deeply (although it wasn't really worthy of even the worst Batman auditions).

The twins only looked at him weirdly.

"I-i meant..." He gulped and positioned Teddy on the lounge chair (but ohh, Teddy smelled wonderfully like freshly baked cookies, and his hair was so soft and—).

"Uhm," said Teddy, "thanks, Hiro."

"It was my pleasure!!!!" Hiro said, although he may have done so with a little too much enthusiasm.

He saw Terry fixing her bangs again, "we have a huge problem, we're understaffed today and you can't walk."

"I'm sorry," Teddy sobbed again and buried his face in his fingers, "I'll w-work harder next time."

From the corner of his eye, he saw that mad glint on Terry's eye again (she was still fixing her bangs, what was wrong with her bangs?).

"Whatever shall we do?" Terry gave an exaggerated sigh, "at this rate, we can't buy you that new Pokémon game."

This was it. This was the moment. This was Hiro's chance to save the day. He stood up with determination (and maybe tried another Batman impression), "I'll take over Teddy's shift today."

And so that is how Hiro found himself working for The Market Cafe (or alternatively, how he found himself selling his soul to Terry).

Hello, after years, I finally updated this fic. Surprisingly, this reached 700 words! But my <1000 words curse still prevails! I admit that after years of not writing, I may have lost an essence of my writing style (but I did try to recreate it, what with the use of parenthetical narrative and all (although that may just be an inherent part of my style)). I still have a lot of weaknesses, mainly dialogue, pacing, and description (aaa look at those one-line paragraphs!)? But as far as character voice goes, I hope I've grasped it pretty well.

Also! brief PSA, i should probably edit/rename the tags for this community! I prefer archiving in livejournal, but we do have a tumblr account now (you know, just for quick notes of 'hey! there's something new here!').
Tags: !fic: official, chara: hiro everett, chara: teddy mercado, chara: terry mercado, pair: hiro/teddy, universe: canon
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