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[Fic] 5 Times Hiro Cared for Someone and 1 Time Someone Cared for Him 1/6

Title: Five Times Hiro Cared for Someone and One Time Someone Cared for Him
Genre: Gen!fic
Characters: (for part 1) Hiro and Ryota
Word Count: 388
Rating: G

The moment Hiro entered his room he was expecting to see everything but this. This being the sight of a sleeping little boy sprawled out on his couch in front of the TV. Thankfully for Hiro, the kid was watching Power Rangers. (He swears, if he ever sees Barney again, God forbid, he will---he doesn't know yet exactly. But he'll do something alright: something bad. Just... beware.) He also noticed that the kid was surrounded by a few lollipop wrappers (one lollipop (Hiro also swears that Kizui spoils this kid too much) was even stuck on his cheek).

Hiro carefully approached the little monster and hears it (him, Hiro corrected himself) snoring softly. Hiro had to admit, he looked really peaceful when he’s calm. As if this little kid (whose name Hiro refuses to say out loud just because this kid wouldn’t say his name either) was a perfect little angel who was brought here to brighten every person’s day—big joke there. This kid was a rude little monster who never showed any respect for him. The little brat probably made it a daily goal to make Hiro miserable. He was spoiled, bratty, and a—

… The kid shivered.

Hiro faltered; he wasn’t heartless and mean and immature (he’s working on it, really!). Even if this kid was the incarnation of the devil himself, it was still a little kid and it was Hiro’s responsibility as the onii-chan.

How old was the kid again—five? Hiro bit his lip and contemplated. That’s the same age as his younger brother, the younger brother he’d always wanted but never met.

The kid shivered again.

Smiling, Hiro hurried to his bed and grabbed his blanket. He draped his blanket over the kid and stared. The kid was cute after all: so peaceful, quiet, and angelic. Hiro petted the kid’s hair gently; it was soft, like a fluffy bunny’s fur.

“H-hiro-nii,” the kid said softly, so softly that if Hiro wasn’t staring, he would have missed it completely. Almost instinctively, the kid leaned towards his gentle pets.

Hiro smiled wider.

“Sleep well, Ryo-chan.”


Ryota opened his eyes (Oh no! How could he fall asleep? He wasn’t able to wait for Hiro-nii!) and scanned the room until his vision focused on one thing—person beside him on the other side of the couch.

“Waaa, it’s the pervert Takahirooooo!!”

end of chapter 1 :D

Hiro's backstory about his brother/family

x.x I swear this was longer on word! I can only write really short chapters, huh? How's my dialogue and imagery? 8D
Tags: !fic: official, chara: hiro everett, chara: ryota
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