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[fic] and it all goes downhill from there

Title: And It All Goes Downhill From There
Pairing: Keith/James
Rating: R13 (because seriously, I've seen stuff way worse in R13 movies)
Word Count: 510
Summary: It starts with an honorific, and then it all goes downhill from there.

"Here are the papers you requested, Keith-san."

Keith can't even fathom how or why but there's something about hearing James call him Kizui-san that always made something in his stomach turn with glee.

He nodded his thanks at James who just stood there with his back straight, staring attentively at him as he signed the papers.

In between signing the papers, Keith kept stealing glances at the younger boy. He noticed small things like how James's watch is too big for his slim wrists. Keith kind of found it hard to stop himself imagining doing things with that wrist.

He could grab James by the wrists with his own thumb rubbing soothing circles on the underside of said wrist. He could bring the wrist close to his mouth and blo---

"Would you like any coffee, Keith-san?" James said, interrupting Keith's train of thought.

Oh god, Oh god, oh god. Keith-san. Keith-san. Keith-san. Keith-san

Nobody even bothered to bring honorifics to his name anymore. It was always either Keith or Ki-nii or Ki-chun or Ki-chen, or some other god forsaken awful nickname. He was the student council vice president (and class council president, mind you) for crying out loud!

He wonders how his name would sound with -sama after it. More importantly, he wonders how it'd sound with James's marvelous voice.

"Keith-san? Are you okay?" he heard James say and it's only then he realizes that he's been lost in his own thoughts for quite a long time.

He blinks his eyes twice, and when he regains focus on his eyesight, he sees James right in front of his desk. James has his palms on Keith's desk where his beautiful slim wrists are in plain sight and he's leaning down just enough to show a hint of that bare collarbone.


James blinks his surprise, "eh?"

"Keith-sama," he looks straight into James's eyes. "I want you to call me Keith-sama."

"K-keith-sama...?" James hesitantly tries out, a little bit confused.

"Again," Keith slowly grabs for one of James's wrists.

"Keith-sama," the other says. Keith can hear the blush creeping down the younger's cheeks. He can also feel the other's pulse quickening just a little bit under his thumb.

Keith looks up and sees for himself that James's blush reached down to his collarbone.

He brings up his other hand to slightly touch James's not-so-secret sensitive collarbone. He feels his grin widen when he hears James's small moan. He looks up to see the other biting his lip.

"K-keith-sama," James pauses to breathe as Kizui blows butterfly kisses against his wrist. "W-what are you doing?"


Hiro opened his eyes wide. W-what was that-- I don't even-- oh my God.

He nervously looks to his right where he sees Keith passing a note to the other side of the classroom where James sits.

Somewhere, in the back of Hiro's mind, he thinks with a gulp that his drea--no it's anightmare (seriously, seeing your cousin doing sexy times is not a nice sight. Not ever.) probably has more than one percent chance of possibility.

One percent chance of possibility - an allusion to Keith's and Hiro's creator, crimsonfire3 who likes to say that "There's a one percent chance to everything!"

I also have the head cannon that Keith has a wrist and self-importance kink.

This was inspired by the 1st panel of the comic that we restarted. Heads up guys! Suficha's gonna start on a different direction! ♥

UPDATE 8/4/2014: I changed the names from Kizui and Tsuya to Keith and James but I decided to keep the Japanese honorifics because this thing is kind of a meta-y Hiro!POV after all, so yeah. :D

Is it still considered a fanfic if technically, i'm not really a fan because I'm one of the creators of this verse, but it doesn't really follow the canon!verse? D:

... fanservice fic is probably what this'd be called. yeah.
Tags: !fic: official, pair: keith/james
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