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[MASTERPOST] What I Type to Fi is Law

Whenever I talk to Fi, I usually type up some dialogues. D: AND NOTES AND THINGS I WANT TO PUT IN THE MANGA. But I keep forgetting them.

According to contract:

Fi has to save everything; and to make it easier for her, here is a MASTER POST OF ALL THE DIALOGUES/NOTES/STUFF/WHATEVER that I give her~

How does it work? Simple.

Anything I type up, when I leave, or when she leaves, Fi has to comment everything on this post. :D And on the Subject of the comment, she indicates if it's a note, "fan"fic, part of real manga, unknown-- i don't know. I'd leave that to her 8D

She has to put "PART 1" on the subject and update it whenever i update it. 8D with Parts 2 and so on and so forth. LIKE THE KINK_MEME 8D AHAHAH *gets shot*

*clears throat* You guys can comment too if you like. Fi just has to reply to herself 8D to make things clear.

And in the absence of Fi, I have to do it. :D

Su writes. Fi draws. Cha colors.

If you want to receive updates of all those petty dialogues stuff and whatever, just watch this post! :D
On a side note, HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM SUFICHA! No art this year D: And We haven't even posted the manga yet (Gosh! It's been years!)
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